Couple Custom-Builds ‘Mega Bed’ So All 8 Of Their Rescue Dogs Can Sleep With Them

For most of us, our rescue animals are like family. From the moment we take them home, we blend them into our daily lives and quickly grow to love them fiercely.

It’s pretty clear that the couple in this story feel that way about their rescue dogs — all eight of them! They love their pooches so much, and feel so strongly that they are part of their family, that they did something that not many pet owners do — they allowed all of their pets to sleep in one bed with them!

We are 100% behind this Clifton Park couple’s decision to make their dogs feel loved and cozy. In fact, studies show that when humans sleep alongside their dogs, there are strong health benefits! If the health benefits actually doubled per dog, then this family would probably be the healthiest one in the whole world.

To be frank, it’s not always blissful sharing your sleeping space with a dog. I mean, there’s the smell (dog toots can be powerful, y’all); their doggy dreams of chasing other animals that leave them kicking and gruffly growling; and then there’s the obvious issue of space. Even the tiniest dogs can seem to take up more than their fair share of real estate on a bed.

Mariesa and Chris don’t seem to mind the drawbacks of sleeping alongside their pups. And once you’ve shared your bed with a couple dogs, what’s the big deal about sharing it with eight, right?

The couple doesn’t want any of their eight rescues to ever have to sleep alone. But fitting that many animals on a single bed — even a king-size one — wasn’t going to happen. So they found a way to accommodate all their rescues and stay comfortable, by building a ginormous bed!

When you think about it, creating one huge bed instead of supplying eight individual beds seems like a space-saver. The idea is pretty brilliant!

The couple was assisted in their bed-building endeavor by Mike Ford. It took him a whopping six months to complete construction.

The bed has two mattresses: one king bed, and one full sized mattress that is turned sideways. There are even stairs for the older doggies to use, so they don’t have to try to jump from floor to bed in one go! The bed also has some drawers for Mariesa and Chris to use so they can keep any necessities close by.

How cool is this?!

In addition to being avid dog rescuers with a whole lot of love in their hearts, the couple is also active in raising awareness for a special nonprofit called the Mr. Mo Project. It aims to help dogs who are sick and/or elderly when they are in need of finding a new, loving home.

Share the story of this awesome couple and their eight lucky pups with the dog-lovers in your life!

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