Couple Discovers ‘Surprise’ About Pit Bulls No One Warned Them About Before Adopting

After Stephen and Jessica got married in 2021, they decided they wanted to add a dog to their family. So they went to a local shelter to meet a tiny orphaned Pitbull and instantly fell in love with him.

But after adopting him, there was one surprising thing they discovered about the Pitbull breed that nobody seemed to want to warn them about before adopting one into their pack.

Koby, along with the rest of his litter of eight, were dumped at a shelter at only four weeks old. They weren’t “pure Pitbulls,” so their breeders were not interested in keeping them.

“Dumped at the front door. The typical put in a box, turn away, don’t look back,” says Koby’s dad.

Ollie’s Angels, a foster-based rescue, reached out to the shelter and said they would take the whole litter. All the other puppies were gray and white, while Koby was the only one that was tan.

The first time his pawrents held him, he just sank into their arms. It was love at first snuggle. It didn’t take long for them to decide. Within the hour of first holding him, they had taken him home.

The first few nights were rough, but after buying him his own special stuffed animal that had a heartbeat, it seemed to comfort him so much. Now, two years later, he still loves to keep his blankets close and snuggle up with his humans. In fact, they’re almost always together.

It’s easy to tell exactly what emotion Koby is feeling, as he’s extremely expressive through his eyes. So when his parents are going somewhere that he can’t, he gives them the biggest, saddest puppy dog eyes. He actually starts looking out the window about twenty minutes before his dad gets home. Then, when he arrives, daddy gets smothered in all the hugs and kisses.

“There’s one thing they don’t tell you when you get a Pitbull is that they require extreme cuddles,” says Stephen.

One thing that they weren’t warned about before adopting a Pitbull puppy was how much they love to snuggle. Lots of licks, kisses, and cuddles are often in your future when you add a Pitbull to your family.

You can follow Koby’s whole adoption story in the video below. And if you can’t get enough of his super-expressive face and fantastically adorable antics, you can follow along with him via his Instagram page.

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