Couple Drives Over 18 Hours To Adopt Shelter Dog From New Orleans

The Louisiana SPCA recently posted a video on TikTok reducing adoption fees on dogs to help empty several kennels for upcoming renovations.

The shelter shared, “Our Adoption Center will be undergoing construction and we currently have 145 dogs in our care. We will lose 22 of our dog condos leaving us with 22 fewer spaces for the animals. SO – we are reducing adoption fees for animals over 6 months old to FREE!”

What they didn’t expect was for a couple from New Jersey to see the video and drive 20 hours to meet the adoptable dogs. Paige Beal and her boyfriend drove straight through to New Orleans to find their new furry friend. They met several of the dogs but instantly fell in love with Nancy.

The shelter said, “When they met Nancy, they knew she would fit right in and adopted her!” It is clear from the photos posted on Facebook that Nancy is thrilled to have finally met her people. The couple loaded her into the car and headed back to New Jersey.

Paige shared that Nancy, who has been renamed Nala, is doing well.

This heartwarming story will hopefully encourage other people to adopt. Louisiana SPCA wrote, “Even if you are out of state, you are still welcome here!” They do suggest that people come to meet the dogs in person and make a trip out of it.

Head over to their website to view more adoptable dogs and cats.

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