Couple Give Special Role in Wedding to Terminally Ill Dog


About a month ago, Cassidy Williams got a phone call that no dog lover wants to get.  The family dog, Dood, had terminal cancer, and his time was short.  All of this, and just one short month from her wedding day.

As one could imagine, this left Williams wondering what it is she should do.


“We scrambled to figure out what to do,” said Williams.

She got together with the rest of her family, and it was her parents that came up with a great idea.  They would do whatever they had to, in an effort to make every last moment with their canine best friend they had.

Considering her wedding was quickly approaching, she also decided to make Dood the ring bearer.  Her parents drove up to Manzanita, Oregon where the wedding was taking place, and not only did Dood participate in the wedding, it was also the first time he had ever seen the ocean.


Once there, Dood seemed to get a puppy-like surge of energy.  Even though he was very sick, his spirits were high, and having Dood there was a dream come true for Cassidy.

“He was so happy,” said Cassidy.  “He had so much energy.  He did a fantastic job as the ring bearer.”

Even though Dood’s time is short, Cassidy said her wedding was perfection.  She’ll be traveling back to her hometown in Utah to say her final good byes soon, but Dood will live on forever in the photos and memories of all who were there.


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  1. AliciA

    God Bless Dood. He is a special guy and loved so very much. Happy he was able to share your special day. So sorry he will not be with you longer. Hugs for Dood.

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