Couple Provides A Forever Home For Over 1,000 Dogs

There’s no doubt that we love dogs, but this couple in Costa Rica took their dedication to another level!

According to USA Today, it all started in 2006 when Lya Battle and husband Alvaro Saume adopted two pups from a shelter. Soon after, they began to notice more and more the strays that wandered the streets of Costa Rica.

Of course, they couldn’t leave the homeless dogs wandering the streets, so they took them in. Before long, their home was filled with 100 dogs – and space was running out!

As it so happens, Battle was betrothed a 375 acre farm from her grandfather. The couple decided that this would be the perfect place to move with their rescue dogs – and take in more!

That’s how their rescue, called Territorio de Zaguates, which translates to “Land of the mutts and strays,” was founded. Now, every new pooch welcomed “home” gets spayed or neutered, and a team of caretakers monitor their “packs” to make sure they stay safe and live in harmony.

People from all over the world come to visit the free-range rescue, and many fall in love with one of its residents and end up taking them home!

Take a sneak peak into the life-saving haven, below:

Source: Thousands of stray dogs live in this doggy paradise by Animalkind

“We don’t put an expiration date on our dogs,” Lya told USA Today. “Some are really ill, some are on their last leg, so it’s important to us that they have at least a good memory of their time on Earth when it’s time to leave.”

All the pups at the rescue are available for adoption for families who fall in love with them. And the dogs that never get adopted out? Well, they’ve already found their home.

What a puppy paradise! Follow Territorio de Zaguates on Facebook, where you can also learn how to donate to this wonderful cause.

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