Couple Spots Someone Peaking Their Head Out From Ditch, Finds Dog With Broken Legs Inside

Łukasz Muniowski saw an injured dog hiding in a ditch in the Polish countryside

“When I… put my hand slowly in there … she smelled it and then put her paws on my hand”

He rushed the doggie to the vet who said she was most likely hit by a car a month ago

One of her legs had to be amputated, but that didn’t stop Muniowksi from adopting the dog

The man and his wife named her ‘Bobby’ and promised to give this dog a happy life

A few years have passed, and today the doggie loves running, playing, and cuddling

She even has a best buddy, a dog named Leon, whom she likes to boss around

But most importantly, Bobby loves spending time with her human mom and dad

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