Couple Take Cross Country Dog Walk To Raise Awareness For Pet Therapy And Animal Rescue

At a time when the news seems to be all bad, this couple is making headlines for a GREAT reason!

Kait & John Seyal, along with their two dogs Max and Grace, walked across the US – from Delaware to California.



“People have asked us how we could take time out of our lives to do this and I’ve always laughed at that question because I don’t know how I could take time my life to do anything else. I’m putting time into my life right now,” said John.

With no kids and no mortgage, the two wanted a way to volunteer and travel full-time. Then they met a girl who had ridden her horse across the country and it gave them the idea.


“I want to walk my dog across the country,” said Kait.

They spent a year and a half planning and fundraising. And then started their journey on March 1 in Louis, Delaware on the Atlantic Ocean.


They walked to promote pet therapy and animal rescue. Along the way, they stopped at hospitals, nursing homes, veteran facilities, children’s homes and anywhere else where a dog is needed.


“The children’s home visits are the by far the most rewarding and the most fun for us,” said Kait.

They relied on the kindness of strangers to get through the journey – giving them a place to stay, food, company, etc.

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