Coupled Adopted Pregnant Dog & This Is What She Was Hiding

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There are dog lovers, and then there are people like Chris and Mariesa – the dog addicts. This couple already had 12 dogs, but they still decided to visit the shelter to see if they could take in more dogs! Talk about dog rescue angels!

Chris and Mariesa’s visit to the shelter turned out to be just the stroke of luck one dog needed.

Storie, a heavily pregnant dog, was refusing to go into labor at the county kennel because she felt uncomfortable giving birth in the shelter conditions.

Chris and Mariesa thought she was the perfect dog to take home as she looked like she could give birth any day, and they wanted to give her a comfortable home for her to give birth in.

When they took Storie to the vet and had her ultrasound done, they were surprised to find she was harboring 12 puppies inside her.

The couple quickly began preparing a kennel in their home as they were expecting Storie to go into labor in a couple of days.

To their surprise, Storie went into labor that very night, just 18 hours after being picked up from the shelter. She was truly just waiting for a loving home to give birth in!

Storie and the couple welcomed 12 new puppies into the world. Chris and Mariesa already had their eyes on one puppy each to keep before putting the rest up for adoption.

With the help of Pibbles and More Animal Rescue (for whom the couple fostered Storie), all the puppies found new loving homes. We are so happy people like Chris and Mariesa exist in this world. We need more dog lovers like them!

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