Couple’s golden retriever allegedly strangled and beaten inside of fenced yard

A Florida couple’s golden retriever had to be humanely euthanized after she was beaten and strangled…allegedly inside of her owner’s fenced yard. According to WTAE News, Ryan Mennine has stated that he let their two dogs outside of the Palm Beach County home on Thursday night and someone attacked the golden retriever, whose name was Lola, while he stood on the deck.

Mennine told the news agency, “I heard Lola yelping, and at that point, I hopped up and I started walking back there, and as I’m walking back there, I heard people running.”

Describing how he discovered the grievously injured dog near the yard’s fence:

“I’m looking around for Lola and that’s when I find her and she couldn’t move.”

Mennine called his girlfriend, Jenna Meyerowich, who was at school – together they took Lola to a veterinarian. Tragically, the dog’s injuries were too severe for her to be saved. Meyerowich wants to know who is responsible for killing her dog, who she describes as “very sweet and innocent.” She said:

“I hope we find them and they pay the price because Lola did not deserve anything like this.”

The local authorities are investigating.

(Screenshot of Lola via WTAE News)

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