She Covers Her Dog With A Blanket And A Then New Creature Appears LOL

Have you ever had a “hair-raising experience”? That may be due to static electricity. Static electricity is the result of the imbalance between the positive and negative charges in objects. For example, when you rub certain materials against one another, you can transfer the electrons of one object to the other, resulting in the imbalance of negative charges.

That is exactly what happened in the video below! The woman covers her dog with a blanket and rubs it all over her dog. When she stands up to remove the blanket, her furry friend had that “hair-raising experience”! You can see the dog’s hair standing straight up due to static electricity! The electrons were transferred from the blanket to the dog’s hair. And because objects of the same charge repel each other, the strands of the dog’s hair are trying to get far away from each other. Amazing, right?

That’s quite an interesting hairdo you have there, doggy!

Well there you go! That’s static electricity at work! You learn something new everyday!

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