Coyote Lurks In Shadows Of Family’s Home Waiting For Senior Dog To Come Out

It took three seconds for Leah Cornell’s beloved senior dog to become a hungry coyote’s victim. The Pasco County, Florida woman was home with her family when she let their 14-year-old Chihuahua, Zoey, out to go to the bathroom. Leah had no idea a coyote was lurking in the shadows and waiting to prey upon her helpless dog.

“We let our dog out to go to the bathroom before we go to bed like we usually do,” Leah shared. “She walked out literally 20 feet from the garage, and she was in the grass. You can see the coyote coming through the dark shadows and eyeing her up from far away.”

Throughout the dog’s life, she never wore a leash and always went outside for her potty breaks and came right back inside. As soon as the coyote picked Zoey up, Leah’s husband chased after the animal on foot. With Zoey dangling from the coyote’s mouth, Leah’s husband yelled and the coyote dropped the dog about three houses away.

They rushed the dog to the veterinarian but Zoey’s injuries were too severe to save her life. Leah wants people to be aware that coyotes can harm and kill innocent dogs. She doesn’t want other families to suffer a tragedy as they have. Leah blames the constant construction projects in Pasco County as a possible contributor to her dog’s death. She says animals such as coyotes have been pushed from their natural habitats and into residential neighborhoods.

Pets should always be closely watched, not allowed to roam free, and people should use caution when walking dogs through a wooded area.

For more about Zoey’s story, please watch the video below.

We extend our deepest condolences to Zoey’s family on their loss.

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