‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Refuses To Leave 80 Cats Behind During Flood

Ollie Darnell of New Richmond, Ohio, refuses to leave her rescue cats as the Ohio River rises to the highest level in two decades.

Darnell buckled down with her 80 cats at her rescue shelter, Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue. She was being called the ‘crazy cat lady,” but this isn’t the first or last time she will be called that. She has devoted her life to caring for cats.

She posted on Facebook, “We’re preparing for the ole mighty river to rise. We are moving everything on first floor up off floor. Cages all going upstairs. Moving cat food, litter, bedding etc upstairs to prepare for kitties to all be moved upstairs in the next day or two.”

She tells Fox 19 News, “I have right at 80 here, and then I have 35 of my personal cats at home.” Her husband held down the fort with the 35 cats and 2 dogs at Darnell’s home during the flooding.

Darnell updated her followers that she was not able to sleep, as she was worried about the shelter becoming flooded. She posted, “Was up all night watching the water rise, had to lay down for a couple hours. Here’s our circumstances at this time. We’re doing fine.”

As the water rose and flooded many of the businesses and homes, Darnell cut the power in the basement and waited for the water to come. Water entered the basement, but that was the extent of the flood for the shelter.

Darnell was relieved, stating, “We didn’t have a whole lot of after-mess, thank God, and we didn’t get water in the building like most of the businesses here, and I thank God for that.”

The water is starting to recede in the area, and people are slowly returning to their businesses and homes.

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