Cruel culprit cuts dog’s ear off after owner left him tied in front of market

Robin Ballantine often left his three dogs tied up in front of the food market to run in for some groceries, but was shocked when an unknown culprit cut of the dog’s ear. The cruel incident happened in Springhill, Bangor at the end of September.

According to Belfast Live, Ballantine entered the Tesco superstore and met up with one of his friends. The two spoke for awhile, and when he left the store the three dogs were ecstatic to see him. At the time, Ballantine didn’t notice anything, but when he returned home, he discovered part Cole’s ear, a black Labrador retriever, was missing. Since it had been later in the evening, he cleaned up the dog’s ear and it wasn’t until the next morning when he went to the veterinarian that he realized the disturbing event may have occurred.

“The vet couldn’t believe how clean the cut was – she thought it might have been a razor or blade. She checked it out and we’ve just got to be careful to keep his ear clean and to look after him.”

Since the attack, Cole has been withdrawn and tends to shy away from people when out. Ballantine shared a message addressed to the culprit.

“Why? Can they give me one reason why? What goes through somebody’s mind? Unbelievable.”

Get well soon Cole.

(Photos of dog’s ear cut off screenshots via Belfast Live)

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