Cruel Man Starves Husky As Revenge On His Wife That Divorced Him, The Dog Undergoes Amazing Transformation After Being Rescued

Sometimes relationships go wrong, but the worst part of it is when innocent animals are involved. Especially when animals end up being the ones who take the blame from their owners. This innocent husky was tied to a chain for almost 2 years without access to proper water or shelter—all because his previous owner couldn’t take revenge on his ex-wife, so he picked their dog.

This husky spent almost 2 years tied up on a leash without proper water and shelter

When animal activists found him, he was a “bag of bones”

His previous owner got him when he was just a puppy as a gift for his wife. However, not long after, she filed for divorce, so the husband decided to take his revenge on the puppy. He quit feeding him, tied him to a chain, and left him to die. When he was found by animal rights activists, he was just a bag of bones with barely any fur on him.

They took him to Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma

Once they got him into a car, he did not resist, but slept for 2 hours all the way back to the shelter. They were really surprised by his strength, because as someone who had barely walked for 2 years, he was ready to go when they took the leash. However, he still had some health issues that needed to be addressed—he was severely emaciated and suffering from parasites and mange.

He was given proper medical care

With good care and love, he recovered fast, gained weight, and grew back his fur

The good people from Pet Angels Rescue of Oklahoma took very good care of him and he recovered fast. He was given the name Finn and started to change before their eyes. Not only did he become a happier dog, but he also gained a lot of weight. When they got him from his previous home, he weighed around 40 pounds, and now he’s a healthy, 80-pound dog! Also, little by little, his fur grew back.

He even found loving and caring owners who welcomed him into their family

His new owners came to see him very early on in his recovery. They’ve supported and been incredible to him, giving him the best life. After all his struggles when he was a puppy, he didn’t give up and is a loving, friendly, and forgiving dog who reminds everyone that your past doesn’t define you.

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