Curios Case of Harvey, definitely the cutest thing you will read today

We all love puppies but we all know that some are cuter than the rest and this is certainly true about the boxer puppies. They are very playful and full of joy but best of all they are always very curious being new to this world. Bella the owner of a cute little boxer puppy named Harvey have also enjoyed some awesome moments of cuteness thanks to this little.

Boxer puppies are very loyal and loving so when their owners are away you can always expect them to miss them a lot and greet them with all the love in the world. Harvey is just 6 months old and being that young he naturally doesn’t have that much knows how of the technology so when Bella is put on speaker to talk to Harvey, his reactions filled with curiosity and confusion are hilarious. He is amazed to hear the voice of her owner but doesn’t know where it’s coming home so he tilts his head and ask the dad to explain where mommy’s voice is coming from which is so funny. Harvey not knowing any better put’s his head next to the phone in confusion and listens to his owner voice quietly.

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