Cute Bullmastiff Tells His Dad He Wants to be Lifted Onto The Bed

Emmit the Bullmastiff wants help getting up on the bed, and won’t stop talking until he is. The fact that he insists on being lifted is pretty funny because he looks big enough to just step onto it all by himself!

His dad, Ryan Cushman, agrees and in this cute video tells his big dog that he can do it all on his own. After all his sister could do it. But Emmit continues to protest and doesn’t understand why his sister is already on the bed and all comfy and he is not. His sister looks at her big brother skeptically, wondering why he’s making such a big fuss.

In fact, Emmit does look like he’s pouting when he explains the situation to his dad, at length, and with the most adorable “sad face” expression.  Ryan writes, “”My bully, who is not quite 2 is pretty stubborn and spoiled, wanted to lay down on the bed but too lazy to jump up himself.”

And Emmit’s protestations  work and he successfully persuades his dad to help him!

The moment Ryan relents, Emmit’s tail begins to wag excitedly and a few seconds later he’s making himself comfy on the bed with the rest of the family! Watch Emmit asking to be lifted onto the bed in the funny video below:

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