Cute Pit Bull Skillfully Tiptoes Around Sleeping Cat

Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive and vicious dogs. However, those who own them and have been around them long enough to know what they’re actually like, can attest to just how wonderful they can be.

Redd, a 5-year-old Pit bull, is a sensitive soul. At his foster home, he had to pass a sleeping cat but tried his hardest not to wake up the cat!

Like all other dogs, Pit bulls are a product of their environment. They become what you hone them to be.

Therefore, if you teach them kindness, they become kind. If you teach them love, they love. If you teach them to fight, they fight.

Everything about Redd’s reaction is priceless. Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story!

I love the expression on his face and the constant state of worry that truly shows for a good few seconds.

More importantly, I would like to know who taught him to tiptoe like that! But let’s not rule out the possibility that perhaps the cat is a massive jerk and will give Redd hell for making noises.

Well, I sure hope not. Check out cute video below!

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