Cute Puppy Falls Asleep During Training

So adorable! This 2-month-old puppy doesn’t look like he wants to have a training lesson. He just wants to sleep, he looks exhausted! We all love sleep, you can’t blame this little guy! His owner places him in a corner and tell him to look at him, the little guy can’t even keep his head up, the weight is just too much for him right now. He slowly lays on ground not listening to anything his owner is saying. I don’t think there is going to be any major training session at this moment for the little guy.

His owner picks him up again, trying to get him to pay attention. There is no way he is going to listen, the poor dog is so tired! Again, he slowly lays on the ground, not caring about anything around him, I think he is ready to dream about chasing some cats! The owner tries one more time to pick him up, third times the charm, but again, the puppy doesn’t listen to him and completely turns his head. This training session wont be a success until the puppy is able to keep his eyes open. Time for a nap!

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