What a cute way to show gratitude as rescuers save pit bull from a trash pile

Tragedy for pit bull

It is a sad fact that a lot of people dump their dogs without even thinking what would happen to them. Same thing happened to this pit bull named Thor that was dumped in an industrial recycling state but somehow stayed alive. It was a hazardous site for any living thing to survive but massive credit goes to Eldad Hagar that he was able to rescue the dog. He got there in time to save the dog’s life.

Dog’s gratitude

Concerned workers reported animal rescue so Eldad got there and when he saved the dog somehow, the dog showered a lot of kisses on him. At first, the pit bull was so afraid that he wouldn’t let anyone come close to her. It took 30 minutes for Eldad to get close to the dog in order to rescue her. On the first day, the rescuers failed to rescue the dog and had to come the next day to rescue her. As soon as the dog was rescued, she showered a lot of kisses on Eldad and the workers to show her gratitude.

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