Cuteness Alert: Blind Doxie and His Guide Dog Adopted Together!

Any human that has a guide dog because of poor eyesight knows just how important the dog can be just getting through day to day life. So why should it be any different for a dog with poor eyesight? Herbie would have one heck of a time getting around without his guide dog Hilda.


The pair met at a shelter, and became fast friends. Now Hilda helps the sight impaired Herbie get around, and they are just so cute together! Shelter staff worried however. What if the two couldn’t be adopted out together? How would Herbie get around then?


As luck would have it they don’t have to separate. They were adopted out together, and will be able to live as a match made in heaven, happily ever after. Don’t they look so happy to be with their new forever family?



Isn’t it so great when a bonded pair gets to stay together? Do you have a bonded pair? Share your stories with us in the comments below, or on out Facebook page!

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