Dachshund Adorably Responds To Harry Potter Spells Cast By His Human

As any fan of the Harry Potter books will tell  you, one of the most memorable things in the stories are the spells the wizards can cast.

And although the series has all kinds of animals – owls, cats, and magical creatures, there aren’t any dogs. But dog lover Anna Brisbin decided to change that – meet Remus the Doxie (who we’d like to rename Harry Pupper).

The long-haired mini miniature Dachshund adorably responds to his human’s Harry Potter spells. From “Accoio Ball” to “Stupify” Remus the Doxie is spellbinding in whatever he does.

Wearing a Hogwart’s Gryffindor uniform, the little dog expertly performs the tricks expertly and based on what we see he’d graduate Hogwarts in a flash!

Watch the fun in the video below.

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