Dachshunds Who May Be Small But Have Larger Than Life Personalities

When it comes to dogs, size does not matter. These 25 Dachshunds are proof that their size has nothing to do with their sense of adventure or style. I think I need a Dachshund in my life ASAP! 😉


“I wonder what that dog over there is getting for dinner…”

“Just you, me and the wilderness. Let’s do this!”

“Got any more of that?”

“Do not even think about touching my tire.”

“We just held a meeting and decided that we need some more treats…”

“Don’t let me stay out here too long!”

“Found a new favorite stick.”

“I’ll be in charge of the remote tonight.”

“Is that ice cream I see in your hands?”

There’s nothing like a day outdoors!

“Ahh, gotta love the sun!”

“How do my ears look?”

“We are ready for our nap.”

“Did I… Did I hurt him?”

“Look good, feel good!”

“I’m gonna order some doggy supplies. Need anything?”

“Yeah, I like this color of carpet.”

“I’m ready for another walk!”

“The world is my playground.”

Can’t nap without his buddy. 😉

The answer is YES!

“This is definitely my favorite outfit.”

“Are we there yet??”

“You like my hair?” 😛

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