Dachshunds Puppies Are Very Excited For Bath Time!

For many puppies, bathing is not pleasant, and their parents have to go through a lot of trouble to make them bathe properly; but this is not the case with these Dachshunds shown in the video. These two dogs just love water and they love to bathe and splash water all around for hours. The short video which spans even less than a minute shows how eagerly the dogs climbed up the stairs and rushed to the bathroom to get into the bath tub. The mother, who captured the video, was hardly able to keep pace with these running doggies, and by the time she reached the bathroom, one kid was already in the tub.

It was also amazing to note that these dogs knew that it was their bathing time, and as soon as their mom allowed them to rush upstairs, they immediately went to the bathroom and jumped in the pool of water. It took some time for the second Dachshund to jump in the pool as it is at a height, but finally (and most probably with some help from his mother) he makes it and they both start to swim around and enjoy the water.

[youtube id=”n2YBmUkm3Uc”]

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