Dad Captures Heartbroken 6-Year-Old Saying Goodbye To Her Best Friend

Saying goodbye will never be easy. Saying goodbye to someone you have known for your entire life is heartbreaking. Six-year-old Lynn Bakker, from Den Helder, Holland, had to say goodbye to her constant companion and friend a bulldog named Jaden. When Lynn was born, Jaden was 7 years old. Jaden was happy to play with Lynn or explore with her, or just be a warm lump by her side.


Lynn’s dad, Jeffrey captured their friendship in photos. Each one shows the special connection the two had.


Jaden was very patient and even happy to play dress-up! When Lynn turned 6, Jaden was 13 and a half.


He had a hard time moving around was deaf and blind. The family made the hard decision to have Jaden put down.


Jeffrey was able to capture the last moments of the friendship on film. Jeffrey said that he didn’t want Lynn to forget the special relationship she and Jaden shared.


Jeffrey hopes the pictures will be a tribute to Jaden, and the family can look back on them with happiness.


There is no doubt that Lynn will always have a place in her heart just for Jaden. The photos of Lynn and Jaden have touched hearts all around the world.


Anyone who has ever had a dog knows what it is like to have that bond. Here is Lynn saying her final goodbyes to her friend.


It is a heartbreaking lesson to learn at such a young age, but Jeffery says it is an important one for Lynn to learn and to have a chance to say goodbye.


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