Dad Catches Dog Hilariously Responding To Commands On The TV

Some dogs will watch TV, but there are other dogs who love TV more than their humans! When their favorite shows come on, good luck getting them to do anything else. And you thought you were a binge-watching master! 😉

This compilation from America’s Funniest Home Videos is exactly what you need today! Just wait until you see all of these dogs responding in their own way to what’s on the TV, starting with a dog watching itself on TV watching another dog on TV! 😀

With HDTVs, everything looks so realistic now — including golf balls! This dog sees one coming right for him and can’t resist. Too funny! 😀

But my absolute favorite part of the entire compilation is the dog responding to the commands he hears on the TV. He’ll “sit” and get “down” as if his own human were giving him the instructions! I can’t help but wonder… maybe TVs can be used as dog sitters! 😉

Watch the video in its entirety below.

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