Dad Dalmatian Leaps Away From His 8 Babies When They Comically Try To Nurse From Him

Anyone who has ever had puppies, or even just one puppy, knows that the little rascals are a handful.

Puppies are like toddlers with little claws and teeth who want to nip at everything, except that they can also move around much faster.

As with toddlers, it’s very hard not to love them. Sure, they are destructive and loud, but they’re also just so darn cute!

Most of the time, we don’t really get to see puppy brothers and sisters interacting with their mothers, much less their fathers. In my experience, puppies are usually seen at rescue shelters, on their own, or sadly, in puppy stores.

This rare footage of an entire dalmatian family together in the same happy place shows what it’s like when the whole unit is complete.

I have to say, this interaction doesn’t look all that much different from a toddler’s birthday party when a dad comes in with some pizza. When this dad dalmatian wants to play with all of his little babies, he takes one easy leap over the pen to join them. While he’s saying hello, however, the little ones all have one thing on their mind: food.

And it looks like they’re trying to answer one question: why is there no milk?

Oh, little pups, you have so much to learn!

Dad is a good sport for at least a little while. When he decides it’s time to let them be, he takes the same easy leap out of the pen with a toy that he and mom can play with together.

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