Dad Found Missing Dog On The Streets After 3-Years, Has ‘Sweetest’ Reunion

There is nothing like a reunion to warm the heart; this story is no different. Meet Giorgi, this is his story! Giorgi Bereziani, a resident of Tbilisi, Georgia, was brokenhearted when his beloved dog Jorge went missing. Following the loss of Jorge, Giorgi spent many days putting up missing posters on the streets but remained hopeful. After three years of searching for his dog, Giorgi received an unexpected phone call from employees at an opera house. They claimed to have seen a dog resembling Jorge near the facility. With his old flame now reignited in his heart, Giorgi drove straight to the scene.

Upon arriving at the opera house, Giorgi anxiously looked around, his heart pounding with anticipation. As he approached the area where the dog had been spotted, he saw a dog sitting quietly by the entrance. Giorgi called out, “Jorge!” The dog lifted his head, and for a moment, there was a pause. Then, recognizing his owner’s voice, the dog’s eyes lit up excitedly. He bounded towards Giorgi, tail wagging furiously.

Giorgi dropped to his knees, embracing Jorge as tears streamed down his face. The emotional reunion was a testament to their unbreakable bond. Jorge, overjoyed to be reunited with his owner, covered Giorgi’s face with kisses, expressing his relief and happiness in the only way he could.

The employees at the opera house watched the heartwarming scene unfold, moved by Giorgi and Jorge’s undeniable connection. They had seen many stray dogs over the years but had never witnessed such a powerful and emotional reunion.

Giorgi thanked the employees profusely for their help in finding Jorge. He promised to never let Jorge out of his sight again, vowing to make up for the lost time. The journey back home was filled with joy and relief for Giorgi and Jorge, who had finally found their way back to each other after years of separation.

Giorgi and Jorge’s story is a beautiful reminder of the enduring bond between humans and their pets. It highlights the importance of hope and perseverance and the profound impact that a single phone call can have. Their reunion was a moment of pure happiness that neither Giorgi nor Jorge would ever forget.

In the video below, we see Giorgi notice a black and white dog sitting beside a tree with a yellow tag on its collar. The dog had been vaccinated and set free by animal control workers in the region, according to the tag.

Giorgi shouts out, “Jorge, is that you?” and the dog spins around in surprise. After all, it’s Jorge. It is impossible to put into words Jorge’s pure joy and astonishment. You’ll be in tears of laughter as you watch Jorge run up to Giorgi and hug him ecstatically, knowing that his nightmare is over. You’re going to LOVE this heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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