Dad Goes To Great Lengths To Restore Some Privacy In His Life, Watches It Fail

Sometimes you just need some privacy and alone time. As much as we love our kids and our pets and would do absolutely anything for them, there are just times when we need a moment of peace and quiet to gather our thoughts. In the video below, a new puppy dad has learned all about what it takes to raise a little guy, and he thought he could escape for a moment to use the restroom.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way! The little stinker of a pup couldn’t stand to be away from his dad for a second, so he found a way in. Despite all of Dad’s best efforts and the great lengths he went to in order to restore a tad bit of privacy in his life, it all came unraveled right before his eyes! Oh well, it’s always nice to know you’re loved. 🙂

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