Dad ‘Rescues’ His Dog’s Favorite Toy After It Was Left Outside During A Storm

Lucky and his stuffed bear have been super close for the past six years. Some might even say that they are inseparable. Like any dog toy, there were changes that took place as it got older but Lucky continues to love the toy just as what it was new.

“It has no stuffing left in it anymore and it goes everywhere with him,” Michaella Wallace, Lucky’s owner, told The Dodo. “He plays with it at all times. He protects it like it’s his own baby.”

Something happened that could have easily ended in tragedy.

Lucky had gone outside to relieve himself and took his toy along with him. A winter storm was on the way.

Unfortunately, the toy got lost somewhere between the house and where Lucky did his business outside. Eventually, the toy was covered by snow and Lucky seemed downhearted.

By the time the snow had melted the next morning, Wallace’s father had found the bear and he was in bad shape.

He knew how important the bear was to the dog so he got to work.

He brought the toy inside and started a rescue attempt.

It turns out that all hope was not lost. Her father continued to update her as he worked on the toy.

The comedy did not end with that text message. Wallace’s father even set up a recovery room with a fake IV drip so that the bear could continue to rest and recuperate.

Even Lucky’s sister, Laci came in for a visit.

We’re happy to report that the little bear is doing well and has been reunited with his best friend.

“He is fully recovered and happily back with his protector,” Wallace said.

As it turns out, it is not out of the ordinary for Wallace’s father to turn something ordinary into something amusing. Although his daughter wasn’t surprised, she did get a good laugh out of it.

Even the dogs deserve to be in on the fun.

“Lucky and Laci love my dad and he is the same way towards them,” Wallace said. “Our dogs mean so much to our whole family and everyone who meets them adores them.”

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