What This Daddy Captured His Daughter Doing With Their Dog Is Beyond Words CUTE!

What’s cuter than a dog video? A dog video with babies in it! So here’s something for your daily dose of cuteness! If you love dogs and babies, you’ll surely love this sweet video!

This dad just caught one of the most adorable videos ever! He captured his daughter talking to their dog and teaching him some paw movements! It’s just the cutest thing, especially when she praises the dog for doing the right thing! She even gives him a treat as a reward! What I love the most is when she shakes the dogs paw and tells him “Good boy!” It’s the most beautiful moment between a little girl and a dog! Watch the sweet and adorable video below!

Aren’t they beautiful? It’s such a sweet video! I wish all parents would teach their kids to love animals! It’s very important to teach kids to love and respect dogs and other animals. Don’t you agree?

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