Dad’s Teaching The Dogs A New Trick, But The Cat Isn’t To Be Outdone

Dogs are amazing at learning to perform tricks. As long as their owners are patient and willing to teach them, they can learn to do pretty much anything. From sitting to shaking to giving a high five, dogs have mastered them all over the years. But a cat named Didga is out to show that she’s not to be outdone — cats can learn tricks too!

Didga lines up with her Rottweiler siblings, Lucy and Phoenix, as dad readies them for the command. “Okay, you guys ready?”

Dad tells them to lie down, and all three of them hit the floor. Next up is rolling over, and Phoenix starts it off. Didga watches as Lucy goes next, and then it’s her time to shine!

Not many people think of cats being able to pull off tricks, but Didga is proof that it can be done. Watch it in full in the video below and prepare to be blown away! Who would’ve thought?

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