Dallas: Saddest dog abuse story ever needs a happy ending

Meet Dallas; this 11-year-old mixed breed Staffy-Mastiff mixed pup has one of the saddest abuse stories ever told. His life was hard, yet he still loves people and deserves a happy ending. Perhaps you can help?

Dallas was so severely abused by his owner that the dog had been taken away by the court system. He was found emaciated and tied to a tree in the blistering heat of the desert in Southern California. The dog had so many fly bites that his face was so swollen and unrecognizable. And if that wasn’t enough, poor Dallas was held in a tiny cell for the next six-months as an “evidence dog” while waiting for his abusive owner to go to trial. When that was done, there were no offers to adopt him, and so the shelter scheduled Dallas to be euthanized.

St. Martin’s Animal Foundation decided to adopt Dallas so he could live out his life on a beautiful ranch. In 2016, when the ranch closed because of the wildfires, Dallas went into boarding; not the perfect solution, however a few months later he was driven to Utah where he lived on a ranch.

“Suddenly Dallas developed small tumors and a limp, so we brought him back to California for his treatments with light pulse healing,” posted Sky Valencia,  the founder of the rescue organization. “Dallas has a wonderful foster family that he loves. Unfortunately his family is moving on the 30th of March and t hey cannot take a big dog with them.”

And now Dallas, despite so much cruelty in his earlier life and so many disappointments, still loves everyone. He is in dire need of a place to retire. His medical needs and his food will be supplied by the rescue organization.

This boy is described as a “cuddle bunny who likes to watch TV.”

Dallas would do best if he was the only dog in the house. Can someone give this boy a home? Please share his plight with friends, family and social media contacts. He is on a time limit. Sharing saves lives.

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