Dalmatian’s Scared To Jump In The Pool, Then A Friend Shows Him How It’s Done

It’s what friends are for. They’re always there to have our backs and to help us out along the way where we need it. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement, like the Dalmatian in the video below. All of the dogs are at the pool, but Peanut has some reservations about jumping in.

The hesitant dog steps onto the ladder and looks into the water but decides to back away. Beija the Golden Retriever notices this and takes the lead. She steps in front of Peanut and leaps right into the pool to show him how it’s done! 🙂

The owners commented on the YouTube video to point out that Beija was not trained to do this and that they’re still amazed after all these years by her ability to realize where one needs help and her willingness to act on it.

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