Deaf And Blind Dog Was Going To Be Euthanized, But This Family Knew Her True Worth

In 2014, this Great Dane named Echo was scheduled to be euthanized just because she is partially blind and deaf. Thankfully, a woman named Marion Dwyer rescued the pup when she was 12 weeks old, before anything bad happened to her.

She brought her to their New York home where she would live out the rest of her life with her new loving family.

Soon after, Dwyer became pregnant and Echo was obsessed with her bump. She was always near it and lying on it. It’s like she sensed the pregnancy and understood it. Marion always said that Echo and the baby would be best friends, but she never expected what came next.

Once Dwyer’s daughter, Jennie, was born, Echo took to her immediately. She was so gentle with Jennie and stayed by her side 24/7.

Baby Jennie is now 17 months old, and her and Echo have literally grown up together. Over the last year, Echo and Jennie have formed a very special, unbreakable bond.

“In the morning the first thing she says is, ‘Doggie,’ and in the evening she puts the dog in the bed,” Dwyer told Inside Edition. “I didn’t expect them to be that inseparable. She gets upset if she doesn’t get to walk the dog. She even holds his leash if she is in the stroller. They are always near each other.”

When the two of them go on walks together, Echo is very protective of Jennie and stays close to her when strangers come near.

Although Echo is deaf mostly blind, she still has limited sight. The family is able to communicate with her using signs. Jennie has picked up on these and learned the sign for food, so she will always sneak her breakfast in the morning.

These two still have a lot of growing up to do, and it’s so special that they get to do it together. It’s sad to think that Echo was so close to death just because of her disabilities, but thankfully this family gave her a second chance.

Watch this inseparable duo in the video below:

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