Deaf Child Communicates with Dog using Sign Language

Dogs form strong bonds with their humans and Baxter, a two-year-old mutt from an Albuquerque, New Mexico, humane society is no different. This dog has a special bond with his human, Neeva Goff, a 4-year-old girl who is deaf and only communicates via sign language.


Chelsea Goff, Neeva’s mom told KRQE News that she new from the birth of her daughter that the child had a hearing disability, and at an early age Neeva was taught to communicate with sign language. However, the family never expected their rescue dog Baxter to respond and understand Neeva as she signs.

To their surprise, Baxter understand and respond to Neeva’s sign language and the two developed a strong bond. Baxter is always by the child’s side and Neeva has taught the dog to respond to sign commands as sit, stay, go, and even “let’s go tuck you into bed.”


Goff does admits that Baxter responds better to these sign command when treats are involved, but either way the family is happy to see Neeva and Baxter become best friends.

Never in a million years did the family expect the free rescue dog they got from the shelter to become Neeva’s inseparable four legged best friend.

The Goffs adopted Baxter at no cost when another family fell in love with him but couldn’t keep him and paid his adoption fee.

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