Death Row Dog Makes 2,000 Mile Journey To Find Love And A Real Chance At Life

If it weren’t for people like Robert Scheinberg and his organization, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, we might never see dogs like Lucy get a chance at life. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary have it their goal to rescue the lost and forgotten pets on death row in crowded animal shelters. One such shelter was Miami-Dade, where they found Lucy and over 100 other dogs.


Lucy was scheduled to be humanely euthanized the day the group arrived at Miami-Dada. All of these dogs were waiting to be euthanized, deemed unadoptable by the shelter and those that came to see them. But Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary didn’t fly down all the way from Ontario, Canada to ignore these sentient faces. They flew down to save some dogs.


Saving Lucy was quite a task. She was in very poor condition – severely emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, whipworm, hookworm, heartworm, anemia and even thyroid cancer. When they found her, there was no way Lucy was healthy enough to go back to Canada. Thankfully, a local veterinarian office took her in to heal her before she flew out to Ontario.


When she was finally ready to arrive at Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, she looked like a different dog. Nursed back to health, Lucy was ready to find her forever home. This past April, she did just that. Jamie Ferris and Robyn Hodgkin visited the rescue and took Lucy home. The couple was interview by The Dodo, explaining that they don’t normally take the time to look at pictures of severely neglected dogs. “I never normally read the stories when I see the horrible pics,” Hodgkin said. “But there was something about her that made me want to adopt her.”


Lucy now lives a wonderful life with two people that love her unconditionally, and she loves them back just as much. She lives a happy life in Canada and we can’t thank Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, Hodgkin and Ferris, the veterinarian office in Miami and everyone else involved in saving Lucy’s life. She was neglected, discarded, unhealthy, and on death row – but she prevailed and now she lives a happy, healthy and love-filled life.


Image source: Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

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