Deceased Homeless Man’s Dog Continues to Look for Dead Owner

Gato (Spanish for Cat) belonged to Benjamín González Sánchez, a homeless man from Guadalajata, Jasisco, Mexico, who unfortunately died two weeks ago of hypothermia. The dog and his owner used to sleep outside one of the entrances to Jalisco Stadium, but since the passing of González Sánchez, the dog simply roams the streets alone without anyone to look over him, get him food, or protect him from the cold.


The story of Gato went viral on social networks when local residents started campaigning to get the dog off the streets and hopefully find him a new loving owner.Every night, since the passing of the homeless man, the loyal dog goes back to the stadium’s entrance as if looking for his owner and hoping to find his human sleeping there. However, every night Gato’s heart is broken when the dog doesn’t find González Sánchez.

During the day, Gato roams the same places he visited with his former owner and scavenges for food. Even though some local residents have a tendency to abuse the dog and scare him off their property, Gato continues to be a friendly dog.

Alex Gonzales has been networking Gato on Facebook, trying to find a new owner for this orphan and homeless dog. If you are willing to help Gato, please contact Alex Gonzales here.

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