Deer Abandoned By Mother Befriends Great Dane

When an orphaned fawn appeared near the home of Isobel Springet, she had no way of knowing that the deer would form a friendship with her dog that would be love and cherished around the world.

Isobel Springet says that Pippin the fawn was abandoned by her mom after the female deers was scared away by neighboring dogs. Hoping Pippin’s mom might return for her baby, Isobel waited three agonizing days. On the third day, Isobel and her family couldn’t stand Pippin’s crying anymore and they stepped in to rescue the helpless fawn.

Kate the Great Dane rescued Pip immediately and the two became best friends, sleeping, playing and eating together. Pippin eventually went to live in the wild with other deer, but she always visits Kate and her family every day. Here is a video from Pip’s early days

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