Deputy allows two dogs to freeze to death and fails compassionate test

Sources have confirmed that Deputy Terry McDade was informed of animal neglect case as the people in neighborhood starting calling him to further investigate this matter. McDade went to the place three times and the neighbors confirmed that there is a case of animal cruelty. It was on his second visit that he saw two skinny dogs neglected by the owners and abandoned in the freezing temperatures. It was clear that the owners didn’t want the dog inside and so they left the dog to die.

You must be thinking that everything is fine up to this point but it is extremely careless of the police officer that he failed to report this to animal rescuers. Even he himself had established that the dogs needed help so he should have called animal rescuers. On his third visit, when he went there, he was told that the dogs died because of the cold. Amber Davidson and Joshua Dailey, the owners of the dogs have been charged with animal cruelty but had the officer called animal rescuers, these dogs would have been alive.

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