Deputy Runs Into Traffic To Rescue Dog Who Went Missing Thanksgiving Day

Adorable, aptly-named Teddy Bear escaped from a relative’s home in Orlando, Florida during a visit on Thanksgiving Day. His family searched for him for days but didn’t have any luck until just yesterday.

When Corporal Thorpe, an officer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, spotted Teddy, he was in big trouble. Teddy was wandering along a busy highway during Monday morning rush hour, in danger of being hit by a passing car. Concerned for the dog, Cpl. Thorpe wasted no time at all. He not only pulled over to rescue Teddy, but ran into traffic to get the dog to safety.

Cpl. Thorpe took Teddy back to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to find where he belonged. His VCA bandana was a giveaway that he wasn’t a stray. Luckily, it had a number on it that Cpl. Thorpe used to locate Teddy’s family, who immediately went to pick him up.

See the photos of their emotional reunion here, posted by the Orange Country Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page.

Missing Dog Teddy Bear Reunited with Family at OCSO

A post-Thanksgiving "tail."Get out your hankies!Corporal Thorpe was driving to work during rush hour on Monday morning, when he spotted a dog wandering on the busy 408 near the Crystal Lake exit. The dog was in distress and in serious danger of being struck by a car.Cpl. Thorpe immediately pulled over, ran into traffic and pulled the dog to safety. He brought the large, red fluffy dog to the OCSO to try to figure our who was missing this sweet boy.Wearing only a VCA bandana around it's neck. Cpl. Thorpe called the toll-free number listed on the bandana. Turns out, a family in Apopka had been frantically searching for "Teddy Bear" who had escaped a relatives home in downtown Orlando on Thanksgiving night. For four days, Jessica and her family looked in vain for their beloved Teddy Bear, with no signs of the sweet seven-year-old dog. Until today. The VCA contacted Teddy Bear's vet who called the family.Here is the happy reunion in the lobby of the OCSO. Teddy Bear had a few scratches and bruises, but was otherwise okay.We love serving the citizens of Orange County, and Corporal Thorpe definitely made a difference in saving Teddy Bear from harm, and delivered him back into the arms of his loving family!#reunion #happyfamily #VCA #thankful #gratitude #doglovers #OCSOmakingadifference

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Monday, November 27, 2017

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