Despite All Her Broken Bones, Mercy Still Refuses to Stop Wagging That Tail

Regardless of just how horrifically cruel this world can be to someone, you always seem to find someone that has a spirit that simply cannot be broken.  Someone like Mercy.  When she was found, almost every bone in her hind end was broken, but she still managed to wag her tail when she saw that help arrived.

Mercy was found on the side of the road, in and unbelievable state.  There were so many broken bones, that she couldn’t stand up.  In this condition, most people would probably want to give up.  But not Mercy.  Not the eternal optimist.

She couldn’t stand, and was in what was probably an astounding amount of pain, but as soon as she realized that the people approaching her were there to help and not hurt, she just couldn’t contain her joy.  She just HAD to try to stand up and greet her rescuers, tail going half-a-mile-a-minute.

Once she was saved, and brought to have some medical attention, everyone around her was just amazed by her disposition.  Here’s a dog that has clearly seen some of the worst the world has to offer, and regardless her spirit was not remotely broken.  Her recovery began soon after, and now she’s walking again.

Soon, Mercy will be ready for a new home.  She’s still working on her recovery, but to everyone’s amazement, she’s expected to make a full recovery.  Could you imagine being the lucky family that gets to welcome her in?!  We’re already jealous!

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