She Was Devastated When Her Dog Disappeared 2 Years Ago — But He Was Finally Found!

Two years ago, Debbie Petranck lost her best friend. Her pug-nosed terrier Zeus wandered away from home and was nowhere to be found.

She searched high and low for her little pup, going so far as to put an ad in the newspaper every week. But her efforts were sadly met with no results.

Petranck thought she’d never see Zeus again.

But then the incredible happened.

The dog owner got a call from a shelter more than 1,000 miles away. Apparently two years ago, Zeus was picked up by a man who saw the cutie wandering around a fast food restaurant near his home in Ocala, Florida. He took him in and shortly after, moved to Detroit. Well, history repeated itself and Zeus wandered away from his new dad and ended up at the Dearborn Animal Shelter. That’s when they checked him for a microchip…
Luckily for Petranck, the microchip linked Zeus to her and shortly after, she got the call that her dog was found across the country. Driving all night, this was the scene when they were reunited.

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