Devoted Dog Dad Turns His Own Sneaker into a “Faux Paw” for His Amputee Dog

Sunny had his paw amputated because of a tumor, but prosthetic paws never worked out. They either broke under his weight, or he chewed them off. So his dad destroyed his own shoes to make sure his boy could get around comfortably.

Don Chernoff couldn’t stand to see his 10-year-old golden retriever suffering, and was frustrated that Sunny’s prosthetic leg wasn’t able to help him. It probably wasn’t comfortable. But sneakers are. So he took his own and fashioned something more to Sunny’s liking.


Now he is able to hobble around much more easily. He still has a limp, of course, but he is no longer struggling. Plus, what dog wouldn’t want to have a smelly token of their owner’s with them all the time? Bonus!

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