Devoted Dog Mom Watches Over Her Premature Puppies in Touching Video

Her concern for her newborn puppies is palpable.

When a litter of puppies was born prematurely, they had to be placed in an incubator rather than nestled with their concerned mother. Nonetheless, this didn’t deter the doting mom from keeping a close eye on her little ones, ensuring their safety.

Kuma, a four-year-old French bulldog from Bangkok, gave birth prematurely to three puppies. To strengthen two of the puppies, they were temporarily housed in an incubator under their veterinarian’s advice. Like any loving mother, Kuma yearned to be close to her newborn puppies. Unable to join them, she perched on a green stool in the vet’s office, one paw tenderly resting on the incubator, her eyes filled with concern as she watched her tiny pups through the glass.

The heartwarming sight of Kuma peering intently through the incubator’s glass walls, longing to be with her puppies, is a moving scene. You can almost hear the unspoken encouragement: “Soon, little momma, soon you’ll be with your babies.” Although not visible in the video, the proud dad, Sour Pork, was also there, eagerly awaiting his turn to welcome the new pups into the family.

Thankfully for the canine family, the newborns didn’t have to stay in the incubator for too long. Despite their premature birth, they soon gained enough strength to join their proud parents and joyful owner at home. According to Newsflare, the three puppies were able to go home later that day. Their human parent shared:

“They’re incredibly adorable. We were eager to welcome them home. Kuma looked after her puppies like a nurse, continually checking on them.” It’s heartening that the puppies were healthy enough to head home so soon, allowing mom to care for them and letting them reunite with their third sibling.

We extend our warmest wishes to this small family. We’re certain that in due course, these adorable puppies will be scampering around the house, bringing joy and typical puppy mischief to their surroundings. Please share this lovely story with your family and friends.

Watch the heartwarming video of Kuma’s unwavering vigilance here.

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