Devoted Owner Carries Paraplegic Puppy to Experience the Joy of Rain: “He Still Loves It”

Despite his beloved dog Alvin’s stroke and resulting inability to stand, Agea Santos remains committed to his care: “I will take care of you until the end, my furry son.”

Agea Santos, from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, expressed a heartfelt pledge to his pet dog Alvin, who suffered a stroke and lost his ability to stand. “I will take care of you till the end, my furry son,” Santos proclaimed, reaffirming his dedication to his furry companion.

Caring for a pet is a significant responsibility, akin to raising a child, as they are living beings completely dependent on their human caregivers. Thus, when you have a furry friend at home, you must be prepared for both good and challenging times, always providing companionship and care.

Committed pet caregivers, like Santos, strive to ensure their pets can enjoy life even when their bodies are not as responsive as they once were.

One of Alvin’s favorite pastimes used to be running and playing in the rain. Despite his inability to walk or stand easily, Santos carries him in his arms to let him experience the sensation of rain, a joy he always cherished.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Alvin can be seen falling while attempting to walk. Santos immediately picks him up, cradles him in his arms, and exposes him to the falling rain.

“He used to love running in the rain and staying in the water, and he still does. I wanted him to relive a happy memory, especially after everything that’s happened. I’ll take care of you until the end, my furry son,” Santos captioned the post, expressing gratitude to his wife, Ray, for taking excellent care of Alvin.

He shared another video of a time when Alvin was still able to frolic in the rain, sending a message to all pet owners: “Cherish your furry baby before they grow old or fall sick, as they outgrow it too quickly.” He further explained, “This video is two years old; he aged and his walking deteriorated after suffering a stroke.”

Santos further stated, “He lost mobility on his left side due to the stroke, including his vision, so he’s slowly relearning how to walk.” Alvin was receiving physiotherapy from a professional and acupuncture from another, both contributing significantly to his recovery.

Santos’ unwavering devotion to his furry son Alvin serves as a poignant reminder of the bond between humans and their pets, inspiring others to love and care for their pets through all stages of their lives.

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