“We Didn’t Get the Dog We Wanted – We Got the Dog We Needed”

When George met Bobby-Eagle back in 2014, he never could have known just how everything between them would turn out.  Bobby-Eagle was 10 years old back then and suffering with some separation anxiety, and George was going through a tough time dealing with post-traumatic stress.  George and his wife had been looking for a small, lap dog at the time; Despite Bobby-Eagle’s size, he was no lap dog at all.

“We wanted a lap dog,” George said.  “He’s not.  We wanted doggy kisses.  He’s coming around, and his kisses are precious.  We felt we didn’t get the dog we wanted – we got the dog we needed.”

Bobby-Eagle never really became that lap dog they were looking for either.  However, it really isn’t an issue because what Bobby-Eagle lacks in the overly affectionate department, he more than makes up for in other ways.  Since joining the family in 2014, not only has George found dealing with his PTSD easier, but Bobby-Eagle has also saved George’s wife’s life as well.

The dog has a special ability to tell when her sleep apnea starts acting up.  It didn’t take long for him to start waking her up when he knew she was having an attack, and that very well may have saved her life several times now.

So, just like George had said.  He and his wife didn’t exactly adopt the cuddly lap dog that they had hoped for, but they did get EXACTLY what they needed in a dog from Bobby-Eagle.  Sometimes, you just never know what kind of an affect someone will have on your life.  Especially when it comes to dogs.

“He has really changed,” said George.  “When we first got him, it took him a while to accept and trust us. When going on walks, he would just meander around, sniffing, et cetera.  My wife Trish said he was ‘checking the mail.’  Now he walks off leash, obeys my commands, and runs all over the park stopping to ‘check the mail.’  Then he races me home.  When he gets home he goes crazy, rubbing on the floor and furniture and throwing his chew bone.”

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