When Dinner Isn’t Quite Ready, This Husky Throws An Adorable Temper Tantrum!

Dogs may not be able to read the clock, but for some reason, they can somehow keep track of daily routines. They know when it’s time to wake up, and they know what time we arrive home. Some dogs would even wait by the door because they know their humans are gonna be home any time soon! And one more thing they definitely know about: they know when it’s time to eat!

So when these Huskies didn’t get their dinner on time, one of them starts to throw an adorable temper tantrum! Her name is Shiloh, and she wants her food right on the dot! When it comes to dinner time, having it late is completely unacceptable! She would argue, howl, and make all sorts of noises to let her human know that she’s throwing a fit for not getting her dinner on time! And when Shiloh starts throwing a tantrum, her Husky buddy does the same too! Watch the video below!

Awwww…they are both so adorable and so beautiful!

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