Disable Pup Shares Special Bond with His New Found Owner

Bolt, a three-month-old lab-mix from Albuqureque, N.M., could have been overlooked at the shelter for many years, he is deaf, but fortunately he found a family where he fits right in. Bolt and his 10-year-old owner suffer from a similar hearing disability.


The Moya has adopted three children, one of them is 10-year-old Illiana and she is losing her hearing. The little girl spent three years in foster care and felt no one would ever want her because she is losing her hearing. But for the Moya family, their daughter’s disability was not a problem.

When the family was ready to welcome a four-legged family member, they weren’t thinking of getting a specific dog, but when they stumbled upon Bolt, they knew he would be a perfect fit with their daughter and their family.


“I just kind of thought of me and how my hearing is going down and then I thought of [Bolt] and how I used to think when I was in foster care that nobody was going to want me because my hearing was lost,” Illiana told KRQE News.

Andrea Moya, Illiana’s mom, said Bolt just needed more love and their family is more than willing to love him and give him what he needs.

The Moya family is now training the young pup using sign language, this not only helps Bolt, it helps prepare Illiana if she loses her hearing permanently.


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