Disabled After A Hit And Run, This Dog Now Gives Struggling Kids A Second Chance

A Goldendoodle who was a victim of a hit and run is now doing amazing acts of kindness for those in need. Hope the Goldendoodle cheated death when she was struck by a hit and run driver a year-and-a-half ago. Her injuries were so bad that the vets had to amputate one of her legs, and they weren’t sure if she would make it.

Miraculously, Hope survived. And now she’s doing remarkable things with her second chance in life. Hope does therapy work, works with at-risk children and she even visits patients at the hospitals in her hometown in Arizona. Hope also works with Lucius, a boy with autism. Before Lucius met Hope, he was struggling to talk. But after a few sessions of spending time with Hope, Lucius is now able to speak complete phrases. Watch the video below for the full story!

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