Disabled Boy And Lame Dog Help Each Other Learn To Walk

Tommy Jones is a little boy who was thought to be unable to walk due to a birth complications and a bout of meningitis. Tommy’s parents wanted to cheer up their little boy. So they got him a Chihuahua pup named Bobo. Bobo is going through the same struggle as Tommy. He was dropped when he was a puppy and that resulted in a badly broken leg that didn’t heal properly. Bobo could barely walk. Tommy’s parents thought that with Tommy taking care of a dog who is sharing the same struggle as he is, it may help him deal with his own affinity.

When Tommy and Bobo met, they became fast friends. But that’s not all. Something amazing happened–after just a few weeks, they both started walking! They took their first steps together–it’s a miracle!

Watch the video below for the full story!

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